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Tax settlements

Tax settlements
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual tax declarations and tax returns in terms of CIT, PIT, VAT, tax on civil law transactions and local taxes
  • Preparing tax information, including: IFT-1/1R, IFT-2/2R, PIT 8C
  • Preparing social insurance forms for the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
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18 April 2018

Legal and tax aspects of functioning of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Poland

The following publication covers tax and legal aspects of the functioning of the Special Economic Zones in Poland. This publication has been prepared by TAAC Solutions for the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). Agenda: 1. Permission for conducting business activity in the Special Economic Zone: A. submission of the application B. tender C. tender […]

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5 April 2018

Obtaining residence and work permits in Poland

On 5th April 2018 Aleksandra Serafin conducted a legal training for the lawyers at the Polish Investment & Trade Agency (PAIH) and she was speaking about obtaining residence and work permits in Poland. Among the topics were the following: which legal acts regulate obtaining the permits what constitutes for the legal residence and work permit […]

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2 April 2018

Personal Income Tax (PIT) settlement by foreigners in Poland

TAAC Solutions experts conducted a training for one of the company’s clients: „Personal Income Tax (PIT) settlement by foreigners in Poland”.

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